About Us:

We specialize in live extracts & concentrates.

This means freezing the plant material right after harvest to preserve the terpenes. This method makes it so your stash is top tier and full of flavor!

We use an Icon jacketed stainless-steel automated washing machine. This ensures that there are no micro-plastics in the final product. This also allows us to keep our water at the desired temperature during the whole process. We are able to control all the variables, while keeping quality the same.

Using Reverse-Osmosis water and ice, we process the material into ice hash. After the wash is complete, it is poured through different micron bags to catch all the separated heads (40u-120u). It is then loaded into the freeze dryer for 24-48 hours.

Once the ice water hash is freeze dried and broken up, we separate the micron sizes and pack it into a fine micron pouch to press it between our heated plates. This is also known as a rosin press. For the top tier results, we only use the best Hash for your stash. Only the 73u-120u is used for dabbing purposes. Our 40u is decarboxylated into a “jam” for edible or cartridge purposes.

Using multiple curing methods, we can offer multiple types of rosin. We specialize in Cold-Cure badder, which preserves the highest number of terpenes. Our processor keeps a close eye on every batch to make sure we keep our desired quality.